Linden Ponds

"The massage therapy program provided by Resident Salon Services at the Linden Ponds Spa Salons has benefited many of my patients in multiple ways. Some patients reported an improvement with their chronic pain conditions; others stated that their range of motion had improved and still others said they felt more relaxed and rejuvenated after receiving a massage. I continue to recommend massage on a regular basis for a variety of conditions."

-Mark Samuelson
Linden Ponds Medical Director

Merrimack Place

"We have used Healthcare Cosmetology Services for over 7 years. Our residents love the personal service that they have come to expect. The schedule is dependable and on-time. Our stylist even decorates the salon inside and out to match whatever holiday themes are happening. She is considered part of the family. Good service with a fair price has developed a good clientele."

-Donna Burns
Merrimack Place Executive Director

Monarch Landing

"I don't take the time often enough to tell you how much we appreciate Linda and her staff. The residents find her so warm and approachable and she has put such a nice team in place. Residents and our staff members love the social and relaxation aspects of visiting the Salon in addition to the services that are offered. Linda takes every opportunity to engage in community activities also - recently the Salon has enthusiastically participated in our Employee Expo, the annual Gala, the Erickson Tribune Fair, among other things. Linda and the Salon are an integral part of Monarch Landing!"

-Pamela Carner
Monarch Landing Assistant Executive Director


"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Bart Boncaldo over the past 5 plus years. His salons/barber shop and spa have been in two of the Erickson campuses where I’ve had the opportunity to be the executive director. The services that he provides to residents and staff have been outstanding. I would recommend him highly."

-Ian Brown
VP of Sedgebrook Operations

Spring Meadows

"Spring Meadows Trumbull has contracted its salon services with Resident Salon Services since 2002. I have found them to be a friendly and responsive company. Their management of the salon operation has eliminated the need for my direct involvement on a day-to-day basis. Our residents speak highly of the services they receive. The salon staff is friendly and accommodating, and strives to provide high quality services. They really have become a part of the Spring Meadows’ team. The fact that they are not employed directly by Spring Meadows is really invisible. I would strongly recommend Resident Salon Services to any senior living or long term care organization."

-Russell Schwartz
Spring Meadows Trumbull Executive Director