Aqueduct® Shampoo Hoods

For salon customers with a limited range of motion, Aqueduct Shampoo Hoods perform the same function as a salon wash sink — they allow rinse water to drain while keeping the customer dry.

Aqueduct® Shampoo Hoods are high-quality, reusable hoods that fit snuggly around the wearer's head. Ideal for individuals who are stressed by reclining or are simply unable to recline, they channel shampoo, conditioner, or color treatment rinse water into a sink behind the wearer while he or she sits comfortably upright.

In short, Aqueduct Shampoo Hoods allow customers with
limited mobility to fully enjoy their salon experience!

A Wide Variety of Uses

Aqueduct Shampoo Hoods are ideal for:

• Salons
• Nursing homes
• Assisted living facilities
• Hospitals
• Home-bound patients
• Wheelchair patients
• Alzheimer's patients
• Children
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