What customers are saying about
Aqueduct® Shampoo Hoods

  • Our salon has an older clientele, many of whom have trouble reclining at our wash sinks. The Aqueduct® Shampoo Hood is the perfect solution. The customers get the same services, but without worrying about the discomfort of using the sinks. Since we started using Aqueduct® Shampoo Hoods, we have actually seen a significant increase in older customers as a result of word-of-mouth.
    —  Anita D., Salon Owner
  • We have been using shampoo hoods for several years in the salons at our assisted living communities. The customers love them because they make the entire salon experience more pleasant and less stressful. But the hoods we were buying were not very good quality and we replacing them far too quickly. Since switching to Aqueduct®  Shampoo Hoods, we haven’t had to replace any. They are extremely well made, last longer than other hoods, and cost considerably less.
    —  Charles F., Director of Guest Services, Retirement Community

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