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Salon and Spa Services

Resident Salon Services provides on-site salon services to retirement communities, assisted living facilities, long term care centers, and nursing homes. Services include salon and spa set-up, management, and staffing, as well as special events for residents, staff, and prospective residents.

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Aroma Relaxation Therapy

Scents evoke powerful memories.  For those suffering memory loss or dementia, these memories can often be more comforting and calming than a warm blanket or a gentle touch.  Through Bliss Aroma Relaxation Therapy, we can help your memory-impaired loved ones reconnect with pleasant, relaxing memories from their past and the sense of peace and well-being they bring.

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Special Events Planning/Cooperative Promotions

Resident Salon Services can assist in the creation of custom-made programs to the specific needs of your community. Whether you want to market to potential residents, show appreciation for employees, or have a special resident event, we will work with you to create a program that satisfies your needs.