Bliss Aroma Therapy

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Scents evoke powerful memories.  Because the olfactory nerves responsible for our sense of smell are hardwired to the brain, scents have the ability to instantly transport us through time and space... to the memories of warm spring days, crisp fall leaves, fresh-baked cookies, or presents under the Christmas tree.

In fact, no other sense is so primal.  The sense of smell requires no thought or logic.  Even when other senses fail, the sense of smell can still trigger pleasant memories and emotions.  For those suffering memory loss or dementia, these memories can often be more comforting and calming than a warm blanket or a gentle touch.

Through Bliss Aroma Relaxation Therapy, we can help your memory-impaired loved ones reconnect with pleasant, relaxing memories from their past and the sense of peace and well-being they bring.