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Salon and Spa Services

Resident Salon Services provides on-site salon services to retirement communities, assisted living facilities, long term care centers, and nursing homes. Services include salon and spa set-up, management, and staffing, as well as special events for residents, staff, and prospective residents.

Resident Salon Services Staff Becomes CARES® Certified

Resident Salon Services Staff Becomes CARES® Certified

To better meet the needs of the residents of the assisted living communities and nursing homes it serves, Resident Salon Services has instituted a program of training in dementia care for its salon and spa staff and company management.

cares and essentialz logos stackedStarting with top level managers, Resident Salon Services employees will become CARES® certified in quality dementia care practices.  Through online training courses offered by HealthCare Interactive CARES® and essentiALZ® certification testing by the Alzheimer's Association, employees who deal with dementia patients and their managers will learn how to recognize the symptoms and behaviors associated with Alzheimer's Disease and dementia, how to communicate with dementia patients, and how to provide person-centered care.

Bart Boncaldo, President of Salon Services observes, "Our people work in communities and facilities where some residents suffer from dementia.  We want our cosmetologists and massage therapists to know how to care for these individuals with compassion and professionalism."

For more information on CARES® certification and essentiALZ® Dementia Training, click here.

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Aroma Relaxation Therapy

Scents evoke powerful memories.  For those suffering memory loss or dementia, these memories can often be more comforting and calming than a warm blanket or a gentle touch.  Through Bliss Aroma Relaxation Therapy, we can help your memory-impaired loved ones reconnect with pleasant, relaxing memories from their past and the sense of peace and well-being they bring.

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Special Events Planning/Cooperative Promotions

Resident Salon Services can assist in the creation of custom-made programs to the specific needs of your community. Whether you want to market to potential residents, show appreciation for employees, or have a special resident event, we will work with you to create a program that satisfies your needs.